We love kids at Coeur D’Alene Learning Center and we can’t wait to show you why we’re the perfect choice for your family! We have a personalized learning system with fully qualified teachers and a resource heavy training program that help your children learn at a rate that is best for them.

We love seeing them develop great friendships and learning together in our safe, protective environment because, socializing is great for kids!

Emotional Skill Development


  1. Become independent and learn to manage emotions
  2. Be able to express their emotions calmly and effectively
  3. Gain respect towards other’s feelings
  4. Develop empathy towards others
Physical Skill Development


  1. Develop large and small motor skills through indoor and outdoor play
  2. Understand body awareness
  3. Learn the importance of good nutrition and good hygiene
  4. Develop lifelong, healthy habits
Intellectual Skill Development


  1. Develop a lifetime love of learning and reading
  2. Learn observation and discussion skills
  3. Build upon natural curiosity
  4. Develop the foundation needed to advance in the primary grades
Social Skill Development


  1. Develop communication skills with peers and leaders
  2. Respecting others and their belongings
  3. Understand cooperation with others in a group setting
  4. Develop meaningful friendships