Facility Surveillance Policy

To ensure the safety and security of all children, staff, parents, and visitors, as well as the security of our facility, Coeur  d’Alene Learning Center is equipped with a 24-hour video surveillance system
and security cameras are installed in all classrooms, hallways, kitchen area, outdoor play area, and parking lot. We may conduct video surveillance of any portion of the premises at any time. Video/security cameras will be positioned in appropriate places within and around our facility and used in order to help promote the safety and security of children, staff and our center.
Because we respect the privacy of all children, parents, and staff in our facility, our 24-hour video surveillance system/security cameras are for internal purposes only.
Coeur d’Alene Learning Center pledges to keep all information about your child and your family confidential. This means we will not release any information or video unless we are required to under state law or if you give us written permission to do so. State law mandates that we release certain information when requested by childcare licensing, law enforcement agencies, child protection agencies, or government health officials. If at any time it is necessary for parents/guardians to review video of their child, they will only be permitted to view pertinent video of their child in the center including classrooms where other
children may be present and video surveillance/recording consent forms are signed prior from each parent whose child is present in that video.

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